Kansas City LGBTQ+ Family


In front of these cameras, we celebrate all bodies, races, genders, sexualities, and abilities. 

This is a queer-owned business that advocates for diversity, equity and inclusivity.


A high-end photography experience that feels just as good as your photos look, with an award-winning hype woman cheering you on the entire time. For the bold, intentional, modern, offbeat people who like bougie vibes and timeless, editorial photos - but with a little bit of color and contrast. Welcome to the happy medium between light & airy and dark & moody styles.

timeless Style

+ Modern Vibes


Julia Pace

The way Adri views the client experience and interaction sets her apart from everyone else. It doesn't feel like this is just a job to her, it feels like she is truly most interested in building a relationship with us and showcasing our most authentic selves.

Aurora Snodell

Adri makes Chris and I, who both are never comfortable in front of a camera, forget it’s even there and just enjoy our day. She brings out natural smiles and make us look way better than we actually do! 
**also she never makes us do cringey poses that we would never do as a couple.

Laura Longhta

I am known to be very anxious and I stress over every little thing, but I never once was worried about my pictures not “turning out” or if my photos “weren’t going to capture” our wedding the way I hoped. Adri put me at ease, I knew from the moment she arrived at our day that everything was going to be perfect!

Ashley Young

Adri puts the client first before anything else. She sets her ego and goals aside to achieve the vision for the client while still maintaining her creative and ethical principles. It doesn’t seem like she comes to a project or session with a checklist to meet, but instead what to work off the client and make sure you let their light and characteristics shine through.


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2022 Photographer of the Year, WedKC
2022 Best Wedding Photographer, The Pitch
2020 Best Wedding & Engagement Photographer, The Pitch
My mom thinks I'm pretty good

MEET  Adri

it's like Adrian without the 'an'
she/her ⚤🏳️‍🌈
real life Leslie Knope

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